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Celebrations, traditions
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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You will notice a definite dynamic city which organizes many celebrations and festivals.
Holy Week 2014 (13-20 April 2014). Cultural Festival in Zacatecas (traditional dances, music and plays). Click HERE for the details.
The Festival Zacatecas del Folclor Internacional (International Folk Festival) that is held end of July (each year).
The one hundred year old tradition Las Morismas de Bracho, a very dramatic show, is celebrated in late August (each year) to honor Saint John the Baptist. They show a reenactment of the battles between Moors and Christians (the Christians are the winners), with the participation of thousands inhabitants and, above all that, a costumed parade.
Beginning of September (each year), there is the Feria Nacional de Zacatecas (National Fair). They celebrate the foundation of the city as well as its Patron Saints : the Virgin of Patrocinio and Our Lady of Zacatecas. (There are many shows, bull fights, fireworks and cultural and sports events).
There is also the Festival Internacional de Teatro de Calle (International Street Theater Festival) which is held, every year in October (3rd week in October each year).
Oct 27-Nov 2 (every year) : Festival de Día de Muertos (Celebration of the Day of the Dead).


When visiting this charming city, you imperatively have to see and listen to these musician bands. The "Callejoneadas" is a picturesque folk event, held in the streets by local students. These traditional parades of the night became a ritual; they are held on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays every week.

A "Callejoneada" could be called "serenade of the walk". The members of the band use to dress in the seventeenth century style, with white shirts, huge pants and capes. You can follow them along their route but they usually finish the night in private places.

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