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Yucatán : useful info
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Code : 999 + 7 digits


Means of transportation

By plane : the international airport "Manuel C.Rejon" (MID) is located 8 km (5 miles) south-west from the city, on the road 180 MEX, (999) 946 13 39.

The following low cost companies offer the domestic and international flights to the USA :

Interjet, low cost (55) 11 02 55 55 in Mexico City - 01 800 01 12345 – open every day, 7h-23h. Consult their web site for offices sales : www.interjet.com.mx - company located in Toluca with new generation planes (Airbus A320). Started by domestic flights, now its currently operates to and from the U.S.A.
From Mexico city to Chihuahua/Guadalajara/Puerto Vallarta/Ixtapa/Acapulco/
/Tuxtla/Chetumal/Mérida/Cancun and also to Havana/Miami/New-York JFK and Orange County near Los Angeles.
From Toluca to Las Vegas/Puerto Vallarta/Ixtapa/Acapulco/Cancun.

Volaris, low cost (55) 11 02 80 00 in Mexico City 01 800 122 8000 - www.volaris.mx - domestic and international flights in Airbus A319, company located in Toluca with new generation planes (Airbus A319). Volaris is proposing shuttles as Cancun to Playa del Carmen and hotel accommodations in the hotel zone next to Cancun (between MXN 70 and 170), Puebla downtown to airport (MXN50), Tijuana to San Diego, (MXN 230 and MXN 275)... Consult their ground services in the web site : www.volaris.mx.
Domestic flights:
From Mexico to Chihuahua/Cancun/Puerto Vallarta/Tijuana.
From Toluca to Guadalajara/Cancun.
From Tijuana to Acapulco/Oaxaca/Puerto Vallarta/Zacatecas/Leon/Morelia
/Los Mochis/Guadalajara/Mexico.
From Guadalajara to Chihuahua/Puebla.
From Aguascalientes, Puebla, Quéretaro and Léon : direct flights to Cancun.
International flights to the USA :
From San Francisco/Oakland to Guadalajara and Mexico.
From Los Angeles to Aguascalientes/Zacatecas/Morelia/Guadalajara/Uruapan.
From Las Vegas to Guadalajara.
From San José (California) to Guadalajara.
From Chicago to Zacatecas/Morelia/Leon/Mexico.
From Denver to Mexico.
From Orlando to Mexico.
From Sacramento and Fresno vers Guadalajara (new flights).
In process for the beginning of 2013 : Mexico/Tuxtla and Mexico/Mérida.


The last one to obtain the operating license in December 2006 : Aeroenlaces, S.A. de C.V / VivaAerobús -
Property of Investors specialized in Mexican transport (IAMSA) and the airline Irish « low cost » company Ryanair. Company located in Monterrey. Domestic flights from Mexico City as well as international flights to the USA. Consult their site : www.vivaaerobus.com, call center in Monterrey : (81) 82-150-150, in Mexico City (55) 47 775 050, in Guadalajara (33) 47 770 770 and from USA 1 888 9 FLY VIV (359 848). Flights operated with B737-300, same planes as Ryanair, mother-house.
Domestic and International flights:
From Monterrey to Chihuahua/Acapulco/Leon/Puerto Vallarta/Cuernavaca/Oaxaca.
From Guadalajara to Cancun/Mérida/Tuxtla/Mexico.
From Mexico to Campeche/Guadalajara/Mérida/Puerto Escondido/
Cancun/Huatulco/Puerto Vallarta/Oaxaca/Tuxtla.
From Cuernavaca to Cancun (new flight).
From Tuxtla to Cancun.
From Monterrey to San Antonio/Houston/Las Vegas (USA).

They are authorized to operate from Mexico D.F. (Terminal 1) since the bankruptcy of Mexicana/Click.

sunset in Yucatán Take the bus # 79 "Aviación" towards downtown (30 min trip) between 6AM and 11PM, every 30 min for MXN$15. From downtown, take the bus on calle 67 between 60 and 62.
At the airport, there is a Tourist Office open from Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 9PM. Take the magazine "Explore Yucatán" full of useful information (English, Spanish) for your stay.

     Right picture : sunset in Yucatán

Aeromexico, Calle 56-A # 451 x 60, Col.Centro, Loc.3 y 12, Paseo de Montejo, Hotel Fiesta Americana, (999) 237 1786 / 80 à 90, (999) 237 1791 or Calle 38 # 103, Plaza Diamante Norte, Col. Buenavista, (999) 944 9622/948 1419/948 1840. Aeromexico, 01 800 021 4010 (outside Mexico City) offers a few daily flights from Mexico City. There are also flights to different Mexican airports via Mexico City.

The American companies : There are also flights from the USA with American companies : American - 925 59 67 or 01 800 904 60 00, Continental - 946 18 88 or 01 800 900 5000 and Delta - 946 44 60.

Taxis of the airport - 946 15 29, about MXN$150, airport/downtown.

From Cancun, it is possible to rent a taxi-plane to reach in 30 minutes the small airport of Holbox :

It is also available to Chichén Itzá.

By bus

Mérida has six main bus stations :

CAME Terminal The first class and deluxe buses (ADO GL) leave from Terminal CAME, Calle 70 # 566, corner 69 and 71, 924 83 91 ext 3801. There are many departures to Campeche (2h30 trip), Cancun (5hour trip) and Mexico-Tapo (20hour trip, $1558, 2012 fees). There are 4 to 10 daily departures to Chetumal (6hour trip), Chichén Itzá (1hour45 trip), Palenque (8hour trip), Playa del Carmen (7hour trip) and Tulum (4hour30 trip), a daily departure to Puebla (22hour trip) and to Oaxaca (17hour trip).

Left picture : CAME Terminal

The second class terminal called TAME located in front of the previous one, calle 69 # 544, between 68 and 70, 924 08 30 ext 2909, offer many departures to :

Campeche/Cancun/Chetumal/Chichén Itzá/Chiquila/Izamal/Route Puuc/Tulum/Uxmal/Valladolid/Villahermosa
with the companies ATS, Mayab, Oriente and Sur. The two previous mentioned bus stations have lockers. They are close by, which allows to comparing schedules and fees. The difference in comfort is important, so you should favor the first class buses for long trips.
The buses leaving the second class Terminal stop into the Terminal del Sur y del Noreste, calle 67, corner 50 and 52, 924 63 55. From this terminal, there are many departures to Celestún, Izamal, Ria Lagartos.
From the Terminal Autoprogreso, calle 62 # 524, corner 65 and 67, 928 39 65, there are departures every 20 minutes to Progreso (50minute trip) and two buses on morning to Dzibilchaltún ( back in the afternoon).

TAME Terminal (second class)Terminal de Autobuses (2nde classe) "Lineas Unidas del Sur", calle 50 x 67, 924 78 65. Départs pour Kanasín, Tepich, Tecoh, Telchaquillo, Mani, Oxkutzcab, Sotuta, Cholul, Peto, Homún, Tekit, Izamal (3 fois/jour). Il se situe presqu'en face du Terminal del Sur y del Noreste.
Autobuses del Centro (2nde classe) : Calle 46 x 65 y 67, Centro, 923 99 62. Départs toutes les heures pour Izamal. Nombreux départs pour Valladolid, Motul et Cancún.

   Right picture : TAME Terminal (second class)

You can also take a combi from Parque San Juan on calle 69, between 62 and 64, to Dzibilchaltún, Muna, Ticul, Santa Elena and Oxkutzcab (caves of Loltún).

You can buy your ticket in Ticket Bus close to the hotel Presidente Intercontinental, Villa Mercedes, av.Colon # 500, between Calles 60 and 62 (Carmen Travel Service) with MXN$4 extra by ticket, (999) 928 30 60.

To go to Chiquilá (Holbox Island), there is only one bus from the second class terminal de autobus of Mérida leaving at 11:30PM (5 hour trip).


Rental cars : Avis and other local rental car companies can be founded in town and in the airport.

International airport - (999) 946 15 24
Fiesta Americana Hotel, av. Colon Local 1A, calle 56A, 925 25 25
Free number outside Mexico City, 1 800 2888 888

Fiesta Americana Hotel, av. Colon Local 1A, 925 35 48 / 920 70 75
Downtown, Calle 60 between calle 55 and 57, hall of hotel Mérida, 924 32 88 / 924 31 79

Airport 946 22 55, Hotel Regency 925 54 53, alamomid@prodigy.net.mx
Outside Mexico City, 1 800 718 15 56

Airport, 946 1323, Calle 60, between calle 55 and 57, 925 19 00

Tourist office (Mérida)

The tourist office of the State of Yucatán, corner Calle 59 and 60, located by the Theater Peón Contreras, (999) 924 92 90, is open from 8AM to 9PM, . There is good documentation in this office. Get the monthly brochure in English "Yucatán Today", full of useful information.

Governemental Tourist Office, Calle 62, between calles 61 and 63, 942 00 00 ext 133, open daily 8AM-9PM , . Good information and good greeting.

City Tourism Office, close by the City Hall, open 8AM-8PM from monday to saturday except Sunday 8AM-2PM. The previous one has much better information than this one.
vue sur la pyramide du devin à Uxmal

US Consulate: Calle 60 No. 338-K x 29 y 31, Col. Alcalá Martín, 97050, Mérida 942 57 00.

Consulate of France/Mérida - Calle 60 n° 385 between streets 41 & 43, Col. Centro - (999) 93 01 500 - (999) 93 01 507 - mancona@sipse.com.mx or consulado@sipse.com.mx.

Post-office : Calle 65 and 56/56A, open 8AM-3PM, Mon-Fri and 9AM-12 noon on Saturday.

Laundries : Sol y Puerto, calle 66 # 551 between 67 and 69 (open 8:30AM-5PM, Mon-Fri and 8:30AM-1PM on Saturday) or Lavanderia La Fe, calle 61 # 518, corner 64 (open 8AM-7PM, Mon-Fri and 8AM-5PM on Saturday).

Pharmacy 24 hours,
926 66 66 (24h delivery) or 924 95 10

     Left picture : view of the pyramid of the Devin in Uxmal

Tourist police, 930 32 00 ext 40062


Banks, ATM and foreign exchange offices : there are many downtown, close to the second class terminal and in Paseo Montejo. Visa ATM :

Recommended hospital : STAR MEDICAL : info@healthstarmedicaltourism.com, 1 (800) 801-5039, ww.healthstarmedicaltourism.com - very qualified doctors. Hotel in front of the hospital for the visitors : Mesón de la Luna : / (999) 930 69 99 - reservaciones@mesondelaluna.com.mx - www.mesondelaluna.com.mx - Calle 26 #216 x 7 y 15 in Mérida.

City tours (Mérida)

Horse drawn carriage in Mérida Horse drawn carriages :
We recommend a ride in a horse drawn carriage to see the historic center and Paseo Montejo.
The drivers are excellent narrators, which give the ride an unforgettable experience (about MXN$250/hour) !

 Left picture : Horse drawn carriage in Mérida

The municipal Tourist office organizes from Monday to Saturday 2 hour free guided tours of the historic center in English and Spanish. Departure at 09:30 am from the Municipal palace, (Municipal Tourist Office). Reservations 20 minutes before starting, 942 00 00 ext. 80119.

Another offered 2 hour tour in the city : the open bus called "Carnavalito". It is a pleasant ride with bilingual guide (Spanish, English). The buses leave from Santa Lucía Park, calle 55, between calles 60 and 62, at 10AM/1PM/4PM/7PM every day ( MXN$100 fees).

Turibus publicity for Tours For the less brave, the tourist bus to visit the city : TURIBUS, is the same service as in México City, Puebla and Veracruz : from 9AM to 9PM. Possibility to get up and down at any turibus stop sign. Turibus price : MXN$100 per day and per person. MXN$140 for 2 consecutive days and MXN$180 for three consecutive days - Half price for children - 4 to 12 years old. Call 920 76 36, .


   Right picture : Turibus publicity for Tours

Website of Mérida : (in Spanish).



City map of Mérida :

Code : 985 + 7 digits


: there are two bus stations : Terminal del Centro, corner calles 39 and 46 (two blocks from the Zócalo) and Nuevo Terminal. The two companies ADO (1st class) and ORIENTE (2nd class) stop at both terminals. There are many buses to Cancun, Mérida, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Chichén Itzá and Cobá.

get directions to downtown Valladolid Tourist office : in the Municipal Palace (open 9AM-9PM except Sunday 9AM-2PM)

Post-office : calle 40, corner 39 by the Municipal Palace

Banks/Foreign exchange offices :
on the Zócalo or on calle 40 (corner 39/41) and 41 (corner 42 and 44).

Laundry : Luyso, calle 40, corner 33, open 8AM-8PM on weekdays and 8AM-2PM on Sunday, or close by the Hostel del Traile (calles 41A/48).

    Right picture : get directions to downtown Valladolid



City map of Valladolid :



Code : 988 + 7 chiffres


Convent of IzamalBus Terminal Oriente/Ado behind City Hall ( 1/4 miles from the convent). Valladolid-Izamal : MXN50$ with Oriente (2nde class). A lot of bus to Valladolid or to Mérida.

City Tourism Office inside the City Hall (small info). Officialy open 9 to 5PM from Monday to Friday.

ATM next to the Convent.

Horse drawn carriages : MXN$ 100 for a duration of 45 minutes.

    Left picture : Convent of Izamal




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