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Peninsula of Yucatán
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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birds in the Yucatán reservesThe coral reef located off the Yucatán Peninsula is ranked second in the world size wise , behind the Australian reef. You might expect an experimented diver to praise the pleasures of scuba diving but you will have to first enjoy the unbelievable underground limestone caverns called "cenotes" .
The Yucatán Peninsula, located in Mexico, includes three States : Yucatán to the north, Quintana Roo to the east and Campeche to the west. The State of Quintana Roo attracts the majority of the tourists. It is a pity that the states of Yucatán and Campeche are partly neglected by the tourism. There are natural beauties to visit, admire or contemplate : the biosphere reserves, the swamps, the "cenotes", the caves and the numerous Archaeological Mayan sites, as well as the cities Mérida and Campeche and some villages. There is something for everyone’s taste !

     Right picture : birds in the Yucatán reserves

The State of Yucatán, whose capital is Mérida, has 1,955,000 inhabitants, with 829 000 residing in the capital (2010 figures). The State has an area of 39 340 km2 (14,162 sq miles).
The State of Quintana Roo, whose capital is Chetumal, has 1,441,000 inhabitants, with 210,000 residing in the capital. The State has an area of 50 843 km2 (18,303 sq miles). It is bordered to the south by Belize with a natural border : the Río Hondo.
The State of Campeche, whose capital is Campeche has 822,000 inhabitants, with 215,000 residing in the capital. The State has an area of 56 858 km2 (20,468 sq miles). It is bordered to the south, by Tabasco and Guatemala and to the southeast by Belize.
ceramics of Yucatán

The flat dry karstified lowland of the peninsula contrasts with the remainder of Mexico, which is all rugged terrain. Its eastern coast, bathed by the Caribbean Sea, experienced, before the arrival of the Spanish, an extraordinary development equivalent to the tourist development of today. It was located on the road of international business between Honduras and Guatemala on one hand and Northern Yucatán with the Gulf of Mexico, on the other hand.

Left picture : ceramics of Yucatán

Satellite Picture of Yucatán Peninsula :

Map of the Peninsula of Yucatán :

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Playa del Carmen/Tulum
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