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The Tamales of Sonora
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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preparation of the tamale in SonoraThe tamales are sweet or salty individual size dishes made of cornmeal, pepper, meat or dry fruits steamed in corn cob or banana tree leaves. This is another famous and liked traditional dish. There are about 300 varieties of tamales.

There is one for everyone according to the regions : they could be rectangular, square, triangular, long...they could be cooked in banana tree, avocado or corn leaves... they could be stuffed with meat, fish, shrimps, pepper, pineapple...

In Sonora, they are made, in corn leaves, of "masa" (corn mixed with pork fat, pepper and flour). Usually, they also have beef, pork or shrimps and green olives, potatoes and green peppers.

Photos : preparation of the tamale in Sonora


preparation of the tamale in Sonora









preparation of the tamale in Sonora








preparation of the tamale in Sonora








Text prepared by Marie Resplandy, founder and manager of the French-Mexican Association AFG AC, official correspondent in Sonora for France Expatriate and consular delegate for the General Consulate France in Mexico, living always in the state of Sonora since more than 10 years.
Link Asociacion French-Mexican AFG AC   : www.lsiaug.net/afg/                                  
French General Consulate in Mexico   : www.consulfrance-mexico.org/

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