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Mexican symbols
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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blazons of MexicoBlazons

They are inspired by the Aztec tradition. According to the legend, this people living in the Northern part of actual Mexico would have received from the Gods the order to migrate towards the south until they would see an eagle devouring a snake on a cactus. They got this vision on the site of Tenochtitlán, now Mexico City.

     Right picture : blazons of Mexico






Mexican flag

mexican flagWhen used for the first time in 1821, it was a simple tricolor flag of green, white and red. The emblem in the middle of the white strip was added in 1823 and has been modified several times since. As we already said, this emblem which also appears in the blazons of Mexico is inspired from the Aztec tradition.

Left picture : mexican flag

Green is for the faith of Mexican people in its destiny, red is for the blood of the martyrs of the country and white is for the purity of its ideals. In the center is a royal eagle standing on a nopal (prickly pear cactus) and devouring a snake. On a symbolic plan, the eagle represents the cosmic force of the sun, the snake represents the potential of the earth and the nopal represents the forces of nature.

Mexican anthem

The words were written by Francisco González Bocanegra in 1853 and the music written by Jaïme Nunó. It is about the Mexican victories during fights. The brand new national anthem was played for the first time live on September, 16th 1854.

Click here to listen to the Mexican anthem in an mp3 format.


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