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Young Tarahumaras welcoming the train “El Chepe” in San Rafael
There is a remote mountainous zone located in both states of Sinaloa and Chihuahua. This Sierra Tarahumara, part of the Occidental Sierra Madre is an impressing region in the northwestern part of Mexico.

You can visit this region for two reasons : the spectacular sceneries and becoming acquainted with the Tarahumara Indians. These people call themselves Rarámuri, which means "the ones who run fast" in their Uto-Aztec language. They are famous for their running ability and endurance.

In the following chapters, you will find everything you need for your trip, especially if you want to ride the train : Chihuahua-Al Pacifico.



Barrancas del Cobre (The Copper Canyon)

Celebrations and Traditions of the Tarahumaras

The Tarahumaras in the Sierra Madre

Chihuahua, State and Capital

Chihuahua : practical information

Sinaloa : El Fuerte; useful information

     Right picture : Young Tarahumara welcoming the train “El Chepe” in San Rafael


     Map of the state of Chihuahua :

     Map of the state of Sinaloa :




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