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Sea, ground transportation
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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This chapter is about sea and ground transportation available in Mexico.

By bus

It is the real way of transportation in Mexico. Mexico has a very well developed bus system. Many extra modern bus lines have services between Major cities in Mexico. The service is frequent and the schedules are respected.
The bus companies offer different classes of service :

DELUXE (de lujo or ejecutivo) : they offer the most common routes: they are fast, modern, with air conditioning and bathroom – The companies are: ETN, ADO-GL, UNO, Primera Plus, Tap, Estrella de oro diamante or crucero or plus, Pullman ejecutivo or dorada or de lujo etc...

First class : (primera clase) : comfortable, with bathroom: they offer routes to big cities. The companies are: Cristobal Colon, ADO, Pullman de Morellos, Estrella de Oro primera, Pacifico, Omnibus de Mexico, Flecha Amarilla, Lina dorada, Pullman primera clase, greyhound, etc..

Economic direct (directo économico) : Ado économico, AU, Cuenca, Sur, Pullman Lasser

2nde class (segunda clase) : They offer routes between small towns and villages and some times in town transportation. You can’t predict the quality of comfort and security. The companies are : Herradura de Plata, Estrella Roja, etc…

When traveling in Deluxe or first class buses, you have to buy your tickets at the window.

In big cities, bus companies are all located in a bus station (Terminal) that could be outside the city, so you would need to take a taxi to go there. In Major cities there are often two bus stations, one is called “Central de autobuses” the other one “ terminal de autobuses”.
Except for second-class autobuses, you will be able to make reservation since these companies have a computerized system. For half a day trip, just go to the bus station. For longer trips, book 24hours ahead.

You can do it through Internet : http://boletotal.mx/ or by phone : 01- 800-009-90-90 or in Mexico City (55) 51 33 51 33 – Logon to this website to find schedules, name of the bus Company and prices, as well as links to hotels. It is by FAR, the best way to find the right prices, the right departure places (especially in Mexico City), the duration of the trip and the name of the company.

Be careful to get the departure RIGHT BUS STATION. Mexico city is a big city. This website advises you to book one day ahead.

Fees : Deluxe buses are 12 to 20% more expensive than First Class. Second Class buses are 10 to 20% less expensive than First Class.

You can travel by night without any trouble. In every bus station, at any time, you will find a coffee house and very clean bathrooms.

Ask for a receipt for your luggage in the baggage compartment. Keep your valuables and documents with you. In some buses, you won’t be given receipts so keep your bags with you if they are not too big but be aware that there is not a lot of space (except the first rows seats).

It is very difficult to give schedules and destinations because of the constant changes but you could consult the websites of the largest bus companies :

ABC : www.abc.com.mx (Baja California and north-west)
ADO : www.ado.com.mx ou www.adogl.com.mx
Estrella Blanca / Flecha Roja / Futura /Elite / Transportes Chihuahenses / Transportes del Norte / Turistar : www.estrellablanca.com.mx - (all these companies are part of the same group : Estrella Blanca)
Estrella de Oro: www.estrelladeoro.com.mx
Estrella de Roja: www.estrellaroja.com.mx
ETN: www.etn.com.mx, 01 800 8000 386
Ómnibus de México: www.odm.com.mx
Parhikuni de Michoacán : www.parhikuni.com
Pullman de Morelos: www.pullman.com.mx
UNO: www.uno.com.mx   
Flecha amarilla : www.flecha-amarilla.com.mx   (very often unserviceable web site). Same than primeraplus-
Turistarsur : www.costaline.com.mx (Pacific coast and Mexico city)
TMT-Caminante : www.tmt-caminante.com.mx
Greyhound : for Tijuana/Mexicali/Nogales/Cd Juarez/Nuevo Laredo/Reynosa/Matamoros - www.greyhound.com.mx or 01 800 710 88 19.
Noroeste : www.turisticosnoroeste.com - (614) 411 57 83 or 01 800 400 1234 (transport for the north of Mexico)
VIN + / Autovias : www.viaplus.com.mx ou www.hdp.com.mx - 1 800 622 22 22 - northwest of Mexico, Michoacán, Jalisco, Colima. Good company, First class.
Primera Plus : www.primeraplus.com.mx - 1 800 375 75 87 - for the North, Northwest including Pacific Coast. Good company, First class.
Purhépechas : www.purhepechas.com - second class - Only for Michoacan state.

ETN : all forums will advise you about this company : good service and well organized for a few more pesos. Do not hesitate to take this company for the long distances.

You can also consult the web site in order to obtain the complete listing of the bus companies in Mexico.

Bus stations in Mexico City :

NORTH / TERMINAL CENTRAL DEL NORTE – av. de los 100 Metros # 4907 – CP 07760 - MEXICO DF - (55) 55 87 15 52 or 53 68 81 71, Metro : Terminal de Autobuses Norte - Consultez le site du Terminal Nord pour la liste des compagnies de bus et les horaires/tarifs : www.centraldelnorte.com.mx.
SOUTH / TERMINAL CENTRAL DEL SUR - av. Taxquena # 1320 – CP 04200 - MEXICO DF - (55) 56 89 97 45  -  Metro : Taxqueña
EAST / TERMINAL DE AUTOBUSES DE ORIENTE – Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza # 200 – CP 15440 MEXICO DF – (55) 55 22 54 00 -  Metro : San Lázaro
WEST / TERMINAL DE AUTOBUSES PONIENTE– Sur # 122 esquina Rio Tacubaya – CP 01130 MEXICO DF – (55) 52 71 45 19 - Metro : Observatorio.

Each Terminal has tourist information kiosk, taxis, ATM, post office, bar and snacks and luggage facilities.

Bus to visit touristic cities :

A few touristic cities have organized bus called "Turibus" (bus for tourists) in order to visit the city without stress (MexicoMérida, Puebla & Veracruz - www.turibus.com.mx). In other cities, the tramway (Tranvía) is used instead of bus.

tramway of Cuernavaca By train

Few train trips are possible since the privatization in 1990. The only interesting (and a spectacular trip) is the very popular train Chihuahua al Pacifico (El Chepe), from Los Mochis to Chihuahua, named Copper Canyon Train (www.chepe.com.mx), which runs through the Sierra of the Tarahumaras (highly recommended). Reservations, (614) 439 72 12 or 1 888 484 16 23, informations thru electronic mail :chepe@ferromex.com.mx.

It is crossing the Sierra of Tarahumaras.

Left picture : tramway of Cuernavaca

You could also try the Tequila Express from Guadalajara to Tequila; tour duration : about 9 hours. You can buy tickets in different places in the city. Reservation : (33) 388 90 90 or 90 99, 01-800 503 97 20 - www.tequilaexpress.com.mx (the train runs only on week ends).

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