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Querét : festivals, traditions
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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Local craft

The Indians introduced many kinds of craft in this region : you can find traditional work, weaving, hand-knitting, objects made of cotton, lace, embroidery with bright dye threads, objects made in wood, glass, clay, silver, gold, tinplate, steel and stone. The stone of the quarries is used by the talented craftsmen and sculptors to make statues, majestic fountains and architectural ensembles. You can stop along the road in Huimilpan to watch the work done and the objects for sale. San Juan del Río is famous for the multicolor opals used by the local jewelers to create beautiful jewels.
In Ezequiel Montes, Bernal ("pueblo mágico") and Colón, the inhabitants excel in weaving wool, sometimes with complicated designs, using traditional wooden looms. Intriged public can watch the skilled weavers working the wool with speed and skill. Most of the people in the city of Cadereyta work on harnesses, bridles and saddles. You also can find handmade ceramic and pottery with variable designs everywhere in the region.

Celebrations and Traditions

Traditional Holy Week with a silent procession in Querétaro. In 2014, Easter is on April, 20th.
End of May- 26/27th of May (dates tba) - Fiesta de la Paella in Tequisquiapan (Que), (paellas, cheese and local wine tasting, equestrian shows, bull fights, cultural events).
Harvest Fair early August in Ezequiel Montes (first week of august - every year)
Traditional dances with the Concheros (September 12-15) in Querétaro (go to the Tourist Office for the schedules and places).
International Fair in Querétaro (from last week in November to last week in December)
Traditional Christmas celebrations from December, 10th to January, 6th every year in Querétaro.

"Callejoneadas" : Saturday Evening at 8 PM from Plaza de Armas in Querétaro.
Concerts : On Sunday evenings, from 7 PM in Zenea Garden and at 1PM in the kiosk of Plaza de Armas in Querétaro (information at the Tourist Office).

one of the walking streets in Querétaro

Right picture : one of the walking streets in Querétaro




El grito mexicano 15/09 in Queretaro
Celebration of Independence Day in Querétaro :

The whole country celebrates the famous call for Independence sent by Father Miguel Hidalgo in 1810. The celebration begins on September 15th at 11PM in the zócalo of every single town of Mexico. The President opens the ceremony from the balcony of the Palacio nacional, on the zócalo in Mexico City shouting the same Grito (cry) sent by father Hidalgo to his people.




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