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Puerto Escondido, Huatulco
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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Activities on the Coast of Oaxaca

Golfing at Campo Tangolunda (very beautiful views of the bay).
Fishing along the Oaxacan Coast : The most popular fish are the guachinango (sea bream) and the pargo (snapper) but in the deep waters it is easy to find, all year long, other fish such as the candle-fish, the marlin, the barrilete (crab) and the rooster-fish. The cold waters in winter give more opportunities for real fish trophies with plentiful yellowfins. The lagoon of Chacahuá and the lagoon of Manialtepec are good spots for fishing the mojarra (small fish with white meat and many bones) or the robalo (bass).
Riding horses along Copalita River.
San Agustin Beach Snorkeling in the reef of La Entrega Beach, Santa Cruz Bay, Riscalillo Beach and San Agustin Beach as well as the reef islands of Cacaluta and Montosa. You can also snorkel in the Lagoon of Chacahuá, sanctuary of turtles.

   Right picture : San Agustin Beach

Mountain biking on the dirt trails linking small villages in the mountains surrounding the coast.
Kayaking in Manialtepec, an excellent option to enjoy nature.
Visit the Mexican center of the Turtle where many diverse sea turtles are displayed. Every aquarium is set with the flora and fauna essential to the specie that it contains.
Visit the coffee plantations and enjoy nature with wonderful mountain sceneries.
Abseiling in Punta Celeste, Piedra de Moros and Copalitilla Falls.
Rafting in Copalita and Zimatan Rivers that offer nice tropical sceneries. There are kayak or canoe trips offering class 1 to 4 rides.
Driving ATV on dozen miles long beaches or in the jungle.
Visit the Lagoon of Chacahuá, a National Park that houses 136 species of birds, 23 of reptiles, 4 of amphibians and 20 of mammals. The sea turtles come lay on the beaches of the park. There is also a crocodile hatchery.
Visit the Lagoon of Manialtepec with its luxurious vegetation of mangrove, home of thousands birds. You can rent a motor boat and kayaks and follow tourist paths.
Abseiling in Cascada Reforma (about 60 m or 180 feet high) : It compounds a natural rock wall as well as several ponds.
Bird watching in the Lagoon of Chacahuá.
Visit the archaeological site of Nopala (52 km or 35 miles from Puerto Escondido) : it houses an ensemble of objects sculpted by Chatina Indigenious. You can also visit the site of Tutupec (81 km or 50 miles from Puerto Escondido), a Mixteca lordship displaying some remarkably well finished Pre-Hispanic sculptures.
Carrizalillo Beach (One of the numerous beaches in Puerto Escondido) Surfing in Puerto Escondido : it is one of the 10 best spots in the world for surfing. From November to April, the swell goes from weak to moderate and from May to October, the swell goes from moderate to strong. The beaches have a sand bottom with breaking waves all year long. One of the best spots is Zicatela.

Left picture : Carrizalillo Beach (One of the numerous beaches in Puerto Escondido)



Temperatures Winter Spring Summer Autumn
C°/ F° 26°C/78°F 28°C/82°F 29°C/84°F 28°C/82°F

Puerto Escondido

This is a picturesque town with many bays lined with high mountain ranges covered with a dense tropical vegetation. It is known under the name of Costa Esmeralda (Emerald coast) because of the colors of the crystal waters contrasting with the fine white sand beaches.
One of the first names given to Puerto Escondido was "Zicatela", name of one of the main beach of the harbor, which means, in Náhuatl: "Place where there are big thorns".
During the thirties, the harbor started to change into a real village but it nevertheless remained an almost virgin place with quiet and fine white sand beaches, crystal emerald waters and luxurious vegetation housing an abundant fauna. This is why, in the seventies, some brave tourists ended up there in search of freedom, adventure and beautiful scenery.

In 1982, the federal government and the government of Oaxaca State supported Puerto Escondido, the Hidden Port, to make it one of the new tourist paradises of the Pacific Coast.

This sea resort, with a promising future, has an international fame : it is one of the rare places in America where one can surf at a professional level thanks to huge waves on some beaches. Zicatela Beach (with a 3km2 or 1.2 mi2 surface) is one of the famous beaches for huge waves, ideal for surfing. The fauna is abundant: you can see migrating birds, crocodiles, iguanas, sea turtles and armadillos in their natural environment. The inhabitants of Puerto Escondido promised to conserve the ecosystem and to preserve it with the creation of an ecological reserve.
The climate is hot and humid, with summer rains and an average yearly temperature of 28°C (82F). It is not yet “invaded” by majestic "resorts"; there are many small scale hotels.

Zicatela Beach

The city is parted in two : the old city, with a walking street called El Adoquin and the street running alongside Zicatela Beach, called Moro street. In the old city, you can find many hotels, restaurants, boutiques, banks, ATM and the tourist Office.
In Moro Street, there are many restaurants, bars, laundries, banks, ATM and scooter rentals.

Left picture : Zicatela Beach

The most famous beaches are :


From West to East :


Bacocho Beach : This is a very long beach divided in three sections among rocks, with many hotels and restaurants.
Carrizalillo Beach Carrizalillo Beach : nested in a cove, it is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and surfing (lessons are available). There are many services for RV and diving. It is accessible via many stairs down. There are Palapas and bars if you need food or drinks. It is a nice paradise.
Manzanillo Beach : ideal for swimming and snorkeling, with nice underwater landscape, warm and shallow water.
Port Angelito Beach : it is like a natural swimming pool! There is a restaurant as well as a shop for renting diving equipment, beach chairs and umbrellas.
These last two beaches are quieter because of a less easy access. You can take a lancha at Principal Beach.

   Right picture : Carrizalillo Beach

Principal Beach : You can rent motor boats to go high-sea fishing, enjoy water sports or visit the different beaches. Hotels, restaurants and bungalows are available. This is a quiet beach; the sea is calm and the water color is a magnificent turquoise.

Principal Beach
Marinero Beach : ideal for surfing, especially for beginners.
There are hotels and restaurants. You can ride horses and rent beach chairs ($ 20).

Left picture : Principal Beach

Zicatela Beach : it is a very long beach with open sea. It is famous for the waves that can reach 6m (20ft) high; it is ideal for expert surfers. An international surf tournament is held every year, in November.



Be careful on Bacocho, Marinero and Zicatela Beaches because of the strong swell....

Principal Beach



   Right picture : Principal Beach




Marinero Beach



Left picture : Marinero Beach





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