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Preparation of the trip
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Think about contracting travel insurance, planning a budget, consulting the weather forecast and getting maps.

Nice smile from a young IndianInsurance

It is recommended that you obtain a travel-insurance policy. It will cover you in case of cancellation of the trip, lost or robbed luggage, medical fees and eventually an emergency flight home. Check the detail of your policy with your insurance company. You could have some surprises ! Check also with your car or home insurance about an eventual travel extension of the policy. Some air companies and travel agencies provide insurance packages when you buy your tickets. Same possibility with your credit card.

Double-check all your coverage :
The medical fees for minor problems are cheap in Mexico but it could be really expensive for a serious problem, especially if you need a medical evacuation. You need to remember that your usual coverage might not cover you abroad.

We advise you to write down all the insurance information and keep it a part from your other documents.

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Some helpful sites :

www.Insuremytrip.com (The travel Insurance Comparison Site)


the "callejoneadas" in Guanajuato (El Bajio)Mexico is a cheap country in spite of inflation. There is a multiple choice of places to stay : choice of comfort as well as financial choice. There is something for everyone : You need to add some fees to the prices : 2% IVA (Valor Agregado) taxes and 15-16% hotel taxes (10% in Cancun) and also 15% over every restaurant, shop and excursion bills. You could ask if this tax is included or not (Es incluido el impuesto?).
Go log onto the web site www.xe.com to find the exchange rate. Think about 200 to 700 mxn $ for a room for 2. Prices are 30-50% higher during vacations and holidays. Book ahead !

     Right picture : the "callejoneadas" in Guanajuato (El Bajio)

In autobus, the average price to ride 100 km is 80 mxn$ in second class (segunda), 120 mxn$ en first class (primera) and 140 mxn$ en deluxe class (deluxe). The second-class autobuses stop whenever you ask and are slower but useful if you want to visit some remote villages or sites. The first class autobuses are very efficient, fast and comfortable. Because of the computerization more than 2 billion annual trips are done throughout the country. There are so many departures that you could go the bus station (terminal) just before the departure time except during the holidays when it is better to make a reservation ahead.

Car rentals : It is quite expensive : about 900 to 1100 mxn $/day with insurance. Check the policy. It is highly recommended to take the full coverage insurance in order not to have trouble. Any way, many rental car companies will make you take the full coverage. Unleaded gas price: about 9 mxn $/liter (April 2011).

About the restaurants, you could count on a meal between 90 mxn $ (standard restaurant) and 350 mxn $ (upgrade restaurant) with extra 10-15% for tip. In some areas and depending on the time of the year, the prices could rise.

  Touring Mexico Film majestic film and images of Mexico with Huapango de Moncayo as a background song (Edited Version).

Tour de Mexico, Imagenes y video de Mexico con el Huapango de Moncayo como fondo. (Version Editada)


You’ll find free cities and regional maps in tourist centers, or you can buy them in specific bookstores and newspaper stands in Mexico. The INEGI (Instituto nacional de estadística geográfica e informática) is located :

Centro de Consulta y Comercialización Aeropuerto - Local C11 - Col. Peñón de los Baños, CP 15621
(55) 5786-0212 - 7days/7days - 8AM-8PM
Biblioteca Gilberto Loyo - Balderas # 71 - Centro CP 06040 - (55) 5130-7900 Ext 7502 y 7503 ext. 7502 - 7503
Fax: 7504 - Monday to Friday - 9AM-4PM - www.inegi.org.mx.
The INEGI gets an information center in each state; log on to to know more.

For the owners of the AAA card, you could obtain free maps at the “Association Mexicana Automobilista de Mexico" office located on Avenue Chaputelpec (Metro Insurgentes), Avenida Orizaba #7, in Mexico City, (55) 52 42 02 22, contacto@ama.com.mx.
There are six other offices in the country (Cuernavaca, Puebla, Querétaro, Tampico, Tijuana and Veracruz). The AMA or AAA card gives you discounts for some activities (visit of parks, etc...), www.ama.com.mx.
For free telephone information outside Mexico City : 01 800 911 0262 for sales and 01 800 010 7100 for assistance, and for Mexico City 5242 0222 for sales and for Mexico City 5242 0262, Monday-Friday from 9AM to 8PM.

In your country, you could find maps in bookstores specialized in travel.

You could purchase maps in the following web sites :

botanic garden in Toluca
Left picture : botanic garden in Toluca






ballet Amalia Hernandez in Mexico CityIt is possible to travel to Mexico at any time of the year. There is always a place where it is nice. The average temperature is 18°C above 2000 mètres (Mexico), 24°C under this altitude, 25-30°C on the Coasts, in the Northern part, cold winter (10°C) and hot summer (30°C). If you were looking for beaches and sun, you wouldn’t go to the Sierra Tarahumara and Baja California between December and February.
Rains are unevenly distributed. There is a lot of rain along Mexican Golf, with an average of more than 1000mm/year. Between 300 and 600 mm in the Northern States and between 600 and 1000 mm in the most populated areas from the Southern High Southern Plateau (Guadalajara and Mexico City ). Don’t forget that the hurricane time is from August to October in Mexican Golf and Yucatán. Mexican Golf and Yucatán are more exposed than the Pacific Coast.

     Right picture : ballet Amalia Hernandez in Mexico City

In general there are two seasons : the rainy season from June to October (often it is only late afternoon showers that last about half an hour and make the sky and nature more beautiful) and the dry season from November to May.
Bring light and comfortable clothes for tropical climates along with a sweater because of the eventual chilly evenings in high elevation (more than 50% of the land is over 1500 m). Comfortable walking shoes are necessary for hiking, visiting archeological sites and walking the cobblestone streets.

Go log on to the Geography chapter for more details

Consult the site :

Meteo of Holbox and Cozumel Islands :

Culture and landscapes in Mexico  

ballet Amalia Hernandez in Mexico City

Left picture : ballet Amalia Hernandez in Mexico City






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