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A stroll in Tlacotalpan, Mexico
A stroll in Tlacotalpan, Mexico
Description : The main square of Tlacotalpan, Mexico, newly renovated after recovering from devastating floods last year, the interior photos I'm uploading are taken inside the church behind the arcades. The city of Tlacotalpan is located in the eastern coastal region of the Mexican state of Veracruz. Although the area had been inhabited since pre-Columbian times, the modern-day settlement was founded as a river port on the banks of the Río Papaloapan in the mid-16th century. It serves as the municipal seat for the municipality of the same name. Tlacotalpan was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 because the "urban layout and architecture of Tlacotalpan represent a fusion of Spanish and Caribbean traditions of exceptional importance and quality... Its outstanding character lies in its townscape of wide streets, modest houses in an exuberant variety of styles and colours, and many mature trees in public and private open spaces." (UNESCO, 1998.) The name "Tlacotalpan" is Nahuatl meaning "place between the rivers", akin to "Mesopotamia".
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Date de la prise de vue : 2011-03-02 18:02:20
Date de publication : '23/04/2011'

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