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Oaxaca : tourism
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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Oaxaca State, the most Indian state in Mexico, has a capital also called Oaxaca.
It is located at 1,545 m (5069 feet) of altitude in a valley surrounded by arid mountains. It has a mild and pleasant climate all year round. It remains a charming quiet town not spoiled by industrialization. On Saturdays, there is one of the more colorful markets (mercado de Abastos) in Mexico, where the Indians of the region, mainly Zapotecs, come to sell their products and crafts. One can find green enamel ceramic, the famous black ceramic, wool sarapes from Teotitlán del Valle, rebozos from Mitlá, wickerwork and many other wooden objects.

The name of the state "Huaxyaca" means "close to the place of the acacias".

Close to one of the markets in Oaxaca

Oaxaca : general culture

Oaxaca : The Valleys

Oaxaca : Sea tourism

     Right picture : Close to one of the markets in Oaxaca




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