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State of Morelos : tourism
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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The State of Morelos is said to be the “granary for storing sugar” of Mexico. Cortés constructed a sugar cane plant and had black slaves come to farm it. Four centuries later, the rebellion broke out with the war cry of Zapata : « Land and liberty». The memory of the agrarian revolution of Zapata, for which he dedicated his life, remained etched in his home province. In every village, his portrait is now legendary : long whiskers, charro costume and huge sombrero with a deep and sad look. This is one of the smallest states in Mexico with 4950 km2 and more than one million of inhabitants.


If the capital of this state has little interest, the state itself comprises some beautiful sites. 22 km north from Cuernavaca, you reach Tepoztlán with a new road (take the bus from the central market of Cuernavaca). Nested in a corrie of volcanic high mountains, the scenic village of 32 000 inhabitants is famous for the fairs and dances : the carnival in February, the diverse celebrations during the Holy week, Fiesta de San Pedro late June, Mary-Magdalene’s Day on July, and the Fiesta del Tepozteco, celebrated on September 8 on the hill (cerro) of Tepozteco. It doesn’t remain a lot from the empire of Moctezuma. In 1560, Dominican brothers evicted from his temple the god and pulque and drunkenness and took the stones to build the Convento de Nuestra Señora de la Natividad converted in museum on the edge of the central place of Tepoztlán. The church and this old monastery are the only vestiges showing the intrusion of the outside world. You could walk one hour to reach the vestiges of an Aztec pyramid, Tepozteco (open daily 10AM-5PM, $41) with a beautiful panorama on the mountain range of the National Park of Tepozteco. You could also stop at the daily market of Tepoztlán especially on Wednesday and Sunday.

Bus shuttles every 15 mn from Cuernavaca (Terminal Estrella Roja) and around ten departures a day to Mexico City Tasqueña (Sur) with Pullman de Morelos or Cristóbal Colón.

Tepoztlán is part of the "magic village" since 2010.

Website of the village :

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