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Michoacán, Mexico : tourism
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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The region of Michoacán in Mexico lends to nice walks on the feet of the purepecha emperors, from Don Vasco to Quiroga, or in search of craft in the indigenous villages. The outskirts of Pátzcuaro Lake and the islands are inhabited by an indigenous community which keeps most of its customs and traditions. The fishermen are world famous because of the butterfly shape nets that they used to get a delicious white fish, the “pecito”, an endangered species today.

monarch butterflyMichoacán : general culture

Michoacán : the surroundings of Morelia

Michoacán : Pátzcuaro

Michoacán : The islands of the lake Pátzcuaro        and the surroundings

Michoacán : Uruapán and its region


Right picture : monarch butterfly




laguna of Cuitzeo (Michoacán)





laguna of Cuitzeo (Michoacán)





Pictures above and right : laguna of Cuitzeo (Michoacán)







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