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History in Mexico
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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In Mexico, the civilization of Teotihuacán, dedicated to Tlaloc, God of rain, and to Quetzalcóatl, the Feathered Serpent, was replaced in the ninth century by the one of the Toltecs. Their capital was Tula, famous for the Atlantis of Tula. Tula was itself taken by the Chichimecs in the twelfth century and then by the Aztecs. In the Gulf of Mexico, the Olmecs left the colossal sculpted heads of La Venta and the Totonacs ( from fifth to twelfth century) of El Tajín left basalt palms. More southern, the Zapotecs from Monte Albán and the Mixtecs from Oaxaca competed with the Mayan world of Yucatán.

The big cultural manifestations were developed in two huge areas of the American continent : the Meso-America and the Andes. Nowadays, the world Meso-America designates the main part of the Mexican territory and the northern part of Central America. The true birthplace of the civilizations of Meso-America brought miscegenation between these people and the newcomers, Europeans and Africans and designed the coming Mexico.

Olmec statue of La Venta

Pre-hispanic mexico

The pre-classic

The classic

The post-classic

New Spain

The Independence of Mexico


     Right picture : Olmec statue of La Venta





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