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Markets of Mexico City
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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The markets are spread out in the city. You could combine their visit with the one of an historic place or a museum.

The Mercado San Camilito

restaurant of the market San Camilito From the plaza Garibaldi, going north, you will find the Mercado San Camilito (metro Garibaldi), specializing in food. It is an excellent place for discovering the local food. A string of typical Mexican restaurants offer the same products : carne asada, tacos, enchiladas, pozole etc…The decor is very colorful and you are sure to listen to music.

      Right picture : restaurant of the market San Camilito

The Lagunilla

Going northeast, on the side of Bolivar Allende, you’ll reach the flea market of la Lagunilla, taking the street Rayón. It is a covered market of 8,400 m2, with one thousand shops. It is an excellent place for understanding Mexico and the Mexican life. You will discover the art of dressing, the madness of the wedding gowns, the astonishing suits of the groomsmen, every brand and shape of boots from pure leather to iguana or lizard skin. On Sundays, it is in la Lagunilla that you will discover all kinds of old manuscripts, rare books from the Conquest time, marble clocks, wooden or glass bibelots of all prices and all origins. market Lagunilla

Here you could also buy, for a few pesos, Indian ointments, elixirs of longevity, universal remedies that give back a sexual vigor, stimulus of love and herbs against bad lots. It is a flea market during the week end. It is formed with three huge buildings, the first one offering flowers and food, the second one, clothes (don’t miss the unbelievable collection of wedding gowns and princess dresses for a majestic celebration of a 3rd, 4th or 5th birthday; price of a dress with belt and umbrella: between 400 and 650 pesos for 3/5 years. There are numerous mini-heel shoes and diadems as well as mini 3 pieces suits for young boys). The third building offers furniture: it is an imbroglio of narrow passages where are stacked up all kinds of furniture.

cobbler in the market La Merced

The Mercado de la Merced

Another daily , very busy and important market is the Mercado
de la Merced (metro Merced, calle Ramón Corona) not far
from the monastery of Merced, of which remains only a nice
baroque cloister. Sweets, vegetable, petticoats, tortillas and
spices stands are next to itinerant vendors. The market is also
well-stocked with fabrics and crafts. The food market is under a huge covered building from the fifties. It is a big shop where
you could find anything. There are also cobblers for fixing
pierced soles.

      Left picture : cobbler in the market La Merced



                                                                 One of the biggest on planet - Market La Merced

The Mercado Sonora

Bird market
Very close to the Merced, another daily market called the Mercado Sonora (daily 8AM-7PM) offers the same colors and same diversity but it is a little more exotic. You could find medicinal plants and religious objects as well as healers, sorcerers or shamans, vendors of animals : snakes, rabbits, pigeons, hens and all kinds of cage birds. You even could see some witchcraft and white magic ! It is the most important market of traditional medicine in Mexico. Some healers offer their services in the market shops. Try them if you have head or stomach pains. You don’t take any chance with medicinal herbs. And like in the previous one there are many religious objects.

     Right picture : Bird market

The Mercado de la Ciudadela

Another daily market worth a visit is the Mercado de la Ciudadela (metro Balderas, corner place of the Ciudadela and Balderas): it is mainly a market of interesting crafts with reasonable prices. It is huge and you could find all kind of crafts from everywhere in Mexico (365 shops). Don’t hesitate to bargain !

Danza de la lluvia
Travel notebooks of the Tienda Esquipulas : place of the Ciudadela (close to the market la Ciudadela) in Mexico City, the very old ritual of the dance of the rain is practiced every Saturday as a sport !

The market of San Juan

Three streets towards east, on Pugibet Street (North of metro Salto del Agua), there is the covered market San Juan. There is a vast choice of game, wild boars, quails, ducks etc… as well as fish and seafood and vegetables, fruits, dairy products and cooked meats. It is a market for fine gastronomy lovers : the stands are very mouth watering.


The "artesanias San Juan"

By the side, there is another covered craft market in a two floors building : Artesanias San Juan, smaller than la Ciudadela but with the same kind of products. In the entrance, a patio with a fountain, where there are sometimes spectacles. Between these two markets San Juan, a shadowed place with benches, very pleasant for resting or strolling a little bit. Open daily from monday to saturday 9AM to 7PM and on sundays 9AM to 4PM. For the handicraft, it is our favorite market .

City map :

Stand of meat in the market San Camilito

      Right picture : Stand of meat in the market San Camilito










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