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Manzanillo and Colima state

Manzanillo MarketYou have two options to go to Manzanillo :
1- You go south from Guadalajara to Acatlán then we took the highway Jal54 to Ciudad Guzmán and Colima, capital of the state of the same name, next to the state of Jalisco. Don’t focus too much on the road signs or the map without looking at the two natural beauties, two majestic mountains, the Volcano Nevado de Colima (4260 m or 13,976 feet) and Volcano de Colima (3820 m or 12,532 feet). This one is still active and its crater spits up smokes regularly. When reaching Tonilá, you will cross the border of the state of Colima.
2- You go from Puerto Vallarta via the Costalegre.

After crossing Tecomán, you take the highway of Manzanillo. The road runs along the luxuriant banks of the Cuyutlán lagoon which stretches its 50km (30 miles) long between the Ocean and the hills covered with coconut trees.
Not far from Manzanillo, there is an ideal beach for surfers. The best waves are located in Cuyutlan where the main attraction is the green wave (ola verde), which reaches 20-30 feet high during the months of April, May, June.
At the south, Playa Pascuales is a large beach where the Rio Armeria flows. The mouth stretches on a dark grey sandy band, and the deep waters and breaks are good for surfing.

     Right picture : Manzanillo Market


harbour of Manzanillo
Manzanillo which is in the state of Colima and not Jalisco (mistake of some tourist guides) contains a treasure of charming beaches, whose hotel development sadly grows year after year without a lot of appeal. By the way, here is the line parting the black sand beaches from the white sand beaches, and you will be happy to know that beyond the harbor you will find white sand (not to mention pleasing to the eyes, the black sand, better conductor of the heat, is unbelievable hard on your bare feet). The old town of Manzanillo is completely disconnected with the hotel zone located on the bay. The hotel zone is not charming.

Downtown, on the evenings of the week-ends and during the tourist season, you can watch the show of the Zócalo with the senoritas arriving all dressed up for the traditional paseo. You can also stroll in the fishermen neighborhood: if you are starting to be a bit hungry, you can ask for a "cocktail of camarones" (slightly hot big pink shrimps with lemon, onion, ketchup and coriander). You can refresh yourself with a "raspado" (crushed ice covered with concentrated fruit juice).

Left picture : harbour of Manzanillo


The row of hotels is not worse than in Puerto Vallarta. This resort has the advantage of being less invaded by the tourist, which results in a better atmosphere. It is a safe town, according to our information, with the activities of the harbor and fishing ahead of tourism. The atmosphere of this city will fit families in search of fishing, snorkeling and enjoying the beach.

view of Manzanillo baysManzanillo has two large bays, a succession of nice fine sandy beaches with shallow and clear waters :

1- Manzanillo Bay with the beaches Playa San Pedrito, Playa Las Brisas (good for swimming and snorkeling), Playa Azul (located by the tourist office), Playa Salahua, Playa Las Hadas, Playa La Escondida and Playa Corales. Location : 10 minutes from downtown Manzanillo and 45 minutes from the airport.

2- Santiago Bay with the beaches Playa La Audienca (one of the best ones for swimming and snorkeling), Playa Santiago, Playa Olas altas (good for swimming and snorkeling but very crowded), Playa Miramar and Playa La Boquita. On these beaches, Navajos Indians make and sell beads jewelry under a "palapa". Location : 20 minutes from downtown Manzanillo and 30 minutes from the airport .

     Above picture : view of Manzanillo bays

view of Manzanillo

Map of the city :

     Right picture : view of Manzanillo

The Centro El Tortugario - 4km (2.4 miles) on a dirt road headed south from Cuyutlan - is an ecological center whose goal is to study , protect and conserve the sea turtles. The entrance fees are 25 pesos. It is open from 10AM to 4PM from Thursday to Tuesday. You can watch the turtles and crocodiles in several pools. You can also take a 45 minute boat tour among mangroves in the Palo Verde Estuary for another 25 pesos, to watch water birds and crocodiles.

playa de Cuyutlan







Left picture : playa de Cuyutlan (south of Manzanillo)




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