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Lodging in Mexico
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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Different categories
You can also get information at your travel agency. There is something for every taste and every budget. You will have far too much to choose from. Be aware of the Summer Holidays and times of fiesta for the prices and reservations.

The category : low budgets : Campgrounds, hammock, youth hostels, cheap hotels. Generally, these different types of lodging offer a clean and simple place. The bathrooms are often shared but sometimes private.
The category : mid range : It includes essentially hotels offering a comfort and a variable atmosphere. In some States, you can have a comfortable and nicely decorated room in a charming hotel for only $400. The more attractive and original lodging in the country are often in this category : They are small or middle scale hotels, very well maintained, where the atmosphere is warm and the staff is vigilant. In some places, you can find also condos, bungalows and comfortable « cabanas » with similar prices.
The category : top end : It goes from big international hotels to luxurious resorts as well as smaller residences assigned to wealthy travelers who are looking for both the comfort and the beauty of the place.

    Right picture : hacienda and its fountain in Mexico

Different types of lodging

resort in Yucatán Apartments/Condos
More and more in the cities, you will be able to find apartments, with equipped kitchen, for the travelers. They could be very comfortable and offer a good ratio Quality/price for 3 or 4 persons. Get information at the Tourist Office or consult Internet or the classified advertisements in the local newspapers (especially the Editions in English).

Bed & Breakfast
This option, in the regions where it exists is often in the Top end category, with a comfortable lodging with character. Consult the site :

Camping and caravanning
It is not very well developed in Mexico.
Most of the campgrounds are organized to welcome travelers with trailers and recreational vehicles (RV), but you can also install your tent for a small fee. Some offer a basic comfort while others are well maintained. The price could be about 70 Mexican pesos for a tent and two persons and from 130 to 270 Mexican pesos for two persons and a vehicle if you want to use all the equipments. Close to small beaches, some restaurants or pensions will allow you to set your tent on a bit of land for a few pesos per person. DON’T VENTURE TO CAMP ON UNAUTHORIZED PLACE whatever the region even if you have a RV as well as in unguarded campgrounds.

Left picture : resort in Yucatán

Casas de huéspedes and/y posadas (Bed and Breakfast or inns/pensions) :
Another kind of cheap and nice lodging is the casa de huéspedes, kind of Bed and Breakfast with a warm and cool atmosphere. A queen bed room price is from $130 to $270, even if some more comfortable Bed and Breakfast charge more. Get information at the visitor center.
The posadas (pensions or small inns) look often like the casas de huéspedes and more rarely like small hotels.

This way of lodging is found on the beaches, in budget category. You can rent a hammock and the place to hang it- generally under a palm roof in front of a pension or a restaurant on the beach – for $35 in some places but you could pay $170 on the Caribbean Coast, more expensive. You could save some money carrying your own hammock, ideal anyways for sleeping in the hot Southern part of Mexico. It is quite easy to find one there, especially in the States of Oaxaca, Chiapas and the Yucatán peninsula. Don’t forget to use repellent.

Youth hostels
Many cities located on the road of the budget travelers get youth hostels, especially in the Center and Southeastern part of the country. They propose a night in a dormitory for $70 to $160 per person, with access to the common kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms. To add to their little prices, these inns with a cool atmosphere give you the opportunity of meeting other travelers. Hostel World (www.hostelworld.com) proposes a lodging listing (in several languages among them English) – reservations online with prices and information about Youth Hostels as well as budget hotels –
The website http://fr.hostelbookers.com is also recommanded for its good tariffs and its promotions (different languages).
Consult also www.fuaj.org/en – listing of the youth Hostels with reservations online and a lot of tips for your travel (english,french). Some hostels are affiliated to HI-Mexico – Consult www.hihostels.com (reservations online) - site in several languages, places worldwide and Mexican Youth Hostels with prices, pictures and contacts. The HI card owners got a one or two dollars discount from the full price. The National Office of Hostelling Intl in Mexico is located in : Republica de Guatemala n.4, col.centro. Centro Historico CP 06020 – Mexico City (52) 55 55 18 17 26 or 55 55 18 10 65, (52) 55 55 10 34 42 -r www.hostelcatedral.com (locations also in Cancún) / www.mundojovenhostels.com.

bedroom in a mid range hotel in Mexico Choices of hotels

Mid range hotels
Mexico abounds in good mid range hotels where a bedroom for two with bathroom, TV and sometimes air conditioning costs between 370 and 800 mxn$. Often equipped with a bar and restaurant, these establishments are usually pleasant, comfortable and secure. Among the more beautiful mid range and upscale lodgings there are many old mansions, inns and convents transformed in hotels. They got their charm from the fountains that ornament their shaded patio. Some offer a little bit Spartan comfort (at modest prices); others, completely modernized, offer a more costly luxury.

     Right picture : bedroom in a mid range hotel in Mexico

Luxurious and modern hotels
The luxurious and modern hotels are not missing in Mexico, especially in big cities and seaside resorts. They propose upscale features swimming pools, fitness areas, bars, restaurants, etc. – at outrageous prices. In order to taste luxury without paying full price, pick a Mexican hotel and not an international chain.

"Budget" hotels
You will also find budget hotels. The quality is not even : some are clean, welcoming and secure and others are the opposite. You can rent a bedroom for two with shower and hot water for less than 320 mxn$ almost everywhere in the country.

The families and small groups will find rooms for three, four or five in most of the hotels (whatever the category) at a slightly higher price than a room for two.

As a general rule, leave your jewel and valuable in the safety box in the hotel or in a safe place and don’t wear expensive clothes. Don’t wear too light clothes that could be considered provocative.

Mexico offers a big choice of lodging, at any price, from very luxury and expensive to very simple and cheap. You can consult sites like :

ww.hotel.info/en (hotels search engine in Mexico)
www.hotelesenmexico.com.mx (city of Mexico) - 01 800 712 21 21
www.gomexico.about.com (also tourist information)
www.hotelclub.net (rental cars also)
www.travelocity.com (hotels and rental cars also)

Association of hotels in Mexico city : (55) 52 03 0 66 or 52 50 60 03, 52 03 72 46
www.asociaciondehoteles.com.mx, reservaciones@asociaciondehoteles.com.mx.

Ibis and flamingos in Yucatán
Above picture : Ibis and flamingos in Yucatán

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