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The Horse races of Sonora
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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preparation of the horse for the race The north of Sonora is a mountainous region, the Sierra. The cattle that graze there will give the best meat in Mexico. There are many ranches and many "vaqueros" with their famous "sombreros" (cowboy hats).

Don’t confound sombrero (cowboy hat) and "Charro" (mariachi hat).

The horses are the pride of their owners or the ones who take care of them without riding them.

They are usually bought in the USA. They run about 250 meters (820 ft). They are overexcited by shady injections as well as by physical mistreatment once they are in the starting gate (they receive kicks on the hoofs, they have their mane twisted sometimes until bleeding and they also have their ears bitten).

Left picture : preparation of the horse for the race

This horse is called Cappricio. It is 7 year old. It won the race on this day of August 2008 in Huepac, a small village of the northern Sierra of Sonoma, close to Aconchi and Aviacora.

It spent the whole night with a plaster of inflammatory paste and bandages. Its legs were washed one hour before the race. Its owner refused injections.

Nobody rode the horse. It stayed in its box and was taken for walks (held by its bridle) beside a quieter horse.

It is only ridden for the famous 250 m (820 ft) race.

   Right picture : Cappricio















Text prepared by Marie Resplandy, founder and manager of the French-Mexican Association AFG AC, official contact for French Expatries, and Vice-Consul delegate for the French Consulate of France in Mexico, living always in the state of Sonora since more than 10 years.
Link Asociacion French-Mexican AFG AC   : www.lsiaug.net/afg/                                  
French General Consulate in Mexico   : www.consulfrance-mexico.org/

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