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Festival of Identity El Tajìn
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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The Festival of Identity takes place every year (20th-24th March 2014) closed to the El Tajin archealogical site in the Takilhsukut park.

Access in the morning from 10am at a cost of $150 and from 10am and a cost of $250 in the afternoon from 2pm. You can buy tickets on the Ticketmaster website; however there is no problem with buying the tickets on the day. The following facilities are also available: restaurants, toilets and baggage lockers (upon request).  
Many activities are proposed throughout these 5 days (every year the third week of march). This includes 5,000 activities and 4,500 regional, national and international artists within this 17 hectare park.
You never really know what will be going on in this huge area throughout the whole park. There are activities to discover within each of the four corners of the park… parades, traditional dancing from various regions within Mexico, concerts, various traditional ceremonies, aboriginal games, “night of purification”, conferences, traditional medicine, craftsmen (numerous stalls), exhibitions and theatre. It is recommended that you spend a minimum of 2 days at this event and also attend a Tajin evening with a ‘Light and Sound Spectacle’.

The Cumbre Tajín Festival held its celebration of Mexico in 2011 with exhibitions recognised for their natural heritage by UNESCO:

Cumbre Tajín affixes expressions to this tribute that have not yet been officially recognised but which deserve great merit for their cultural richness, such as: 
Los Mariachis,
Son Jarocho (musique de l'état de Veracruz),
La Danza de Los Tlacololeros de Chichihualco (Guerrero),

Face painting of women Seris (Sonora),
The song of Cardenche (Coahuila),
La Danza de Los Culebreros (Tlaxcala).

TajÍn Vive

A night tour that wanders through the mysteries, colors, sounds and rituals of the Sacred City of El Tajín. There are sounds and surprises, chants and warmth, music and hums. Each night of the Festival, marking the start of the Tajín Vive tour, Totonacan birds renew the atavistic pact with the cosmos at the entrance to the archaeological site of El Tajín. To be able to witness this ritual in moonlight is- in a metaphorical way -like standing before the threshold of their culture. To know the Sacred City during the night tour is, literally, like traveling through it. Tajín, city of science, art and culture, demonstrates its greatness with the dances of the Quetzales, the Guaguas and the Negritos, among other expressions that you can admire during the tour.

Takilhsukut Park

Here, the tangible and intangible heritage is part of the experience of life. Cumbre Tajín disseminates it, communicates it to the world, adds value to it and strengthens it with a dialogue that links the best of western and indigenous creation: ceremonies, games, awareness, concerts, acts, conferences, artistic forums, workshops, adventure sports, alternative therapies, animation, dance and creation are some of the axes that articulate the vast offer that Cumbre Tajín has for every kind of audience.

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