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Ethnic Groups of Sonora
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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The different ethnic groups of Sonora

The Indigenous of Sonora have been seen for ever as the tallest and strongest Indigenous in Mexico.
They were part into 9 tribes, among them 8 are still there and 7 of them have been in Sonora for more than 100 years.

Craft of the ethnic groups of the north-western of Mexico

The first people of Sonora were rich in beliefs, traditions and ideology. They built a unique land by fighting the forces of the desert.

    Right picture : Craft of the ethnic groups of the north-western of Mexico




"Guarijíos" child
The Guarijíos are the ethnic group of Sonora with the more diverse craft. They use natural material such as palm, clay and natural branches and fibers to make baskets and hats among other things.

Left picture : "Guarijíos" child





MayosThe Yoremes are the descendants of the ancient populations of the Huatabampo culture. They carry the cultural traditions of Sonora.
It is the most important ethnic group of the state. The population is estimated to 75,000 inhabitants.

   Right picture : Mayos


Like the Jovas and the Eudeves, the Ópatas are not an ethnic group anymore. The word Ópata means « hostile people » in Pima dialect.

Left picture : Ópatas




grand-mother PápagosThis ethnic group is located in the desert between Sonora and Arizona. The most beautiful pieces of their craft are baskets. The « coritas », baskets and flags made of palms and desert plants picked up, prepared and weaved by the women.

   Right picture : grand-mother Pápagos



They called themselves O'ob, meaning "the people".
The Pima word designs a range of Indigenous groups such as the Pimas of the desert, the Pimas of the mountain and the Pimas Gileños.

Left picture : Pimas




SeriThey are located in the center-west of the state, mainly by Tiburón Island, the biggest island in the sea of Cortez that they own. Craft is a very important economic activity for them.

   Right picture : Seri


Yaqui Village Chef
It is the most representative ethnic group in Sonora. They are spread out on eight villages. They have their own governors. They enviously preserved their language, traditions, lands and water.

Left picture : Yaqui Village Chef


It is the smallest ethnic group. It is located at the north-west of the state, in San Luís Río Colorado municipality, at the border with the USA. Actually, this bi-national ethnic group of Sonora is almost dead.


KikapúThe ethnic group Kikapú of Sonora is an endangered Indigenous group. The traditional celebrations and rites are lost. They are Christian now.

   Right picture : Kikapú




dolls and masks of the ethnic groups of the northwestern part of Mexico
Photos : dolls and masks of the ethnic groups of the northwestern part of Mexico

dolls and masks of the ethnic groups of the northwestern part of Mexico








Seri woman of Sonora




Left picture : Seri woman of Sonora






Text prepared by Marie Resplandy, founder and manager of the French-Mexican Association AFG AC, official correspondent in Sonora for France Expatriate and consular delegate for the General Consulate France in Mexico, living always in the state of Sonora since more than 10 years.
Link Asociacion French-Mexican AFG AC   : www.lsiaug.net/afg/                                  
French General Consulate in Mexico   : www.consulfrance-mexico.org/

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