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Domestic, internatl airlines
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Air transportation is a good way to save time in such a large country even if it is the most expensive way to travel.
For a while only two airline companies, AEROMEXICO and MEXICANA shared the market but since the deregulation in 1988, there are many other ones. In aug 2010, Mexicana has ceased its operations.

Low Cost airlines took advantage of that bankrupcty. They got the right to operate from Mexico City. Their prices are very competitive and they are very safe airlines (Interjet, Volaris and VivaAreobus).

Scheduled airlines :

Aérolitoral - domestic flights and some flights to U.S.A

Aeromexico introduces the E-Jet in Mexico and converts Aérolitoral to Connect (Aeromexico Connect). The first Embraer 190 of Aeromexico was delivered on November 23, 2007. Destined to its regional branch, Aeromexico Connect, previously named Aérolitoral, is the first of four aircrafts that will integrate the fleet of the Mexican company. They will be equipped with a dual class configuration of 99 seats, with eleven in business class and will allow Aeromexico Connect to renew its fleet and extend its services. With the delivery of this ERJ 190, Aeromexico Connect becomes the first Mexican company to operate an ERJ 170/190 craft. But it already owns crafts from the Brazilian manufacturer since it already operates twenty seven ERJ 145. The regional company offers flights on less traveled routes in Mexico and to the neighboring countries. Its headquarter is located at the International airport of Monterrey.

Aeromar, (55) 51 33 11 11 in Mexico City - 01-800-237-66-27 outside Mexico City : www.aeromar.com.mx – domestic flights in ATR42 (propellers airplanes) and CRJ-200LR (50 seats) from Mexico to Aguascalientes/Colima/Manzanillo/Morelia/San Luis Potosi/Acapulco/Huatulco/Puerto Escondido/Ixtapa.

Aeromexico, 01- 800 021 40 10 / 40 00 outside Mexico City / (55) 51 33 40 10 / 40 00 in Mexico City, (33) 01 55 04 90 10 or 0 800 423 091 in Paris : www.aeromexico.com – first mexican airlines. Click here for the list of sales offices in Mexico. Aeromexico has a lot if international flights since Mexicana ceases its operation. Plse check on its website www.aeromexico.com. See the new connection pass of Aeromexico valid until Mid-December 2013.

Aeropacifico : operates flights from Los Cabos to Los Mochis, Hermosillo, Culiacán, Cd Obregon and also from Los Mochis and from Culiacán to Chihuahua with aircraft of 19 seats; Reservations : 01 800 702 20 20 / (668) 817 17 27 / 17 28 - www.aeropacifico.com.

« Low cost airlines» - from TERMINAL 1 at MEXICO CITY INTL AIRPORT -

Interjet, low cost (55) 11 02 55 55 in Mexico City - 01 800 01 12345 – open every day, 7h-23h. Consult their web site for offices sales : www.interjet.com.mx - company located in Toluca with new generation planes (Airbus A320). Started by domestic flights, now its currently operates to and from the U.S.A.
From Mexico city to Chihuahua/Guadalajara/Puerto Vallarta/Ixtapa/Acapulco/
/Tuxtla/Chetumal/Mérida/Cancun and also to Havana/Miami/New-York JFK and Orange County near Los Angeles.
From Toluca to Las Vegas/Puerto Vallarta/Ixtapa/Acapulco/Cancun.

Volaris, low cost (55) 11 02 80 00 in Mexico City 01 800 122 8000 - www.volaris.mx - domestic and international flights in Airbus A319, company located in Toluca with new generation planes (Airbus A319). Volaris is proposing shuttles as Cancun to Playa del Carmen and hotel accommodations in the hotel zone next to Cancun (between MXN 70 and 170), Puebla downtown to airport (MXN50), Tijuana to San Diego, (MXN 230 and MXN 275)... Consult their ground services in the web site : www.volaris.mx.
Domestic flights:
From Mexico to Chihuahua/Cancun/Puerto Vallarta/Tijuana.
From Toluca to Guadalajara/Cancun.
From Tijuana to Acapulco/Oaxaca/Puerto Vallarta/Zacatecas/Leon/Morelia
/Los Mochis/Guadalajara/Mexico.
From Guadalajara to Chihuahua/Puebla.
From Aguascalientes, Puebla, Quéretaro and Léon : direct flights to Cancun.
International flights to the USA :
From San Francisco/Oakland to Guadalajara and Mexico.
From Los Angeles to Aguascalientes/Zacatecas/Morelia/Guadalajara/Uruapan.
From Las Vegas to Guadalajara.
From San José (California) to Guadalajara.
From Chicago to Zacatecas/Morelia/Leon/Mexico.
From Denver to Mexico.
From Orlando to Mexico.
From Sacramento and Fresno vers Guadalajara (new flights).
In process for the beginning of 2013 : Mexico/Tuxtla and Mexico/Mérida.


The last one to obtain the operating license in December 2006 : Aeroenlaces, S.A. de C.V / VivaAerobús -
Property of Investors specialized in Mexican transport (IAMSA) and the airline Irish « low cost » company Ryanair. Company located in Monterrey. Domestic flights from Mexico City as well as international flights to the USA. Consult their site : www.vivaaerobus.com, call center in Monterrey : (81) 82-150-150, in Mexico City (55) 47 775 050, in Guadalajara (33) 47 770 770 and from USA 1 888 9 FLY VIV (359 848). Flights operated with B737-300, same planes as Ryanair, mother-house.
Domestic and International flights:
From Monterrey to Chihuahua/Acapulco/Leon/Puerto Vallarta/Cuernavaca/Oaxaca.
From Guadalajara to Cancun/Mérida/Tuxtla/Mexico.
From Mexico to Campeche/Guadalajara/Mérida/Puerto Escondido/
Cancun/Huatulco/Puerto Vallarta/Oaxaca/Tuxtla.
From Cuernavaca to Cancun (new flight).
From Tuxtla to Cancun.
From Monterrey to San Antonio/Houston/Las Vegas (USA).

They are authorized to operate from Mexico D.F. (Terminal 1) since the bankruptcy of Mexicana/Click.

View of the Popocatepetl from the airport of Mexico

You could consult the airports list in Mexico :

     Right picture : View of the Popocatepetl from the airport of Mexico


The International Airport of Mexico City, Benito Juárez, is located at 10 km (6 miles) from downtown. 26,3 millions passengers were transported from this airport between January and December 2011 (increase 9 % in 2011 compared with 2010. To get practical information about this airport, logon to the site : www.aicm.com.mx. You will find, for example, information about ground transportation (Metro : terminal Aerea, 400m from domestic departure area named A).

The numbers 01 – 800 are for calls from outside the Federal District.

What is a low cost company ? It is a company that offers low fares by eliminating some passenger services and reducing function costs by using a single type of airplane, flying to the same secondary airports and with a simplified commercial politic (direct sale and no ticket emission).

Opening of Terminal 2 from Mexico City airport since January 2008 for Aeromar, Aeromexico, Aeromexico Connect, Delta, Copa airlines, NWA and Lan (Chili). Moving of Continental to Terminal 2 since February 2008.


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