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Chihuahua : useful info
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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Area Code: 614 + 7 digits for Chihuahua


Means of transportation

By plane : The international airport of Chihuahua (CUU), called General Roberto Fierro Villalobos, is located at km 14 about 25 minutes from downtown, (614) 420 5104 – Daily flights to Mexico City, Houston, Monterrey, Culiacan, Hermosillo, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toluca, Torreón and Guadalajara. There are 2 ATM inside the airport.

Aéromexico - Blvd Ortiz Mena # 2807, (614) 201 96 96.

Continental - Blvd Ortiz Mena # 3403, (614) 411 2989/4374 - Reservations : 01 800 900 5000.

Aeropacifico : operates flights from Los Cabos to Los Mochis, Hermosillo, Culiacán, Cd Obregon and also from Los Mochis and from Culiacán to Chihuahua with aircraft of 19 seats; Reservations : 01 800 702 20 20 / (668) 817 17 27 / 17 28 - www.aeropacifico.com.

Interjet, low cost (55) 11 02 55 55 in Mexico City - 01 800 01 12345 – open every day, 7h-23h. Consult their web site for offices sales : www.interjet.com.mx - company located in Toluca with new generation planes (Airbus A320). Started by domestic flights, now its currently operates to and from the U.S.A.
From Mexico city to Chihuahua/Guadalajara/Puerto Vallarta/Ixtapa/Acapulco/
/Tuxtla/Chetumal/Mérida/Cancun and also to Havana/Miami/New-York JFK and Orange County near Los Angeles.
From Toluca to Las Vegas/Puerto Vallarta/Ixtapa/Acapulco/Cancun.

Volaris, low cost (55) 11 02 80 00 in Mexico City 01 800 122 8000 - www.volaris.mx - domestic and international flights in Airbus A319, company located in Toluca with new generation planes (Airbus A319). Volaris is proposing shuttles as Cancun to Playa del Carmen and hotel accommodations in the hotel zone next to Cancun (between MXN 70 and 170), Puebla downtown to airport (MXN50), Tijuana to San Diego, (MXN 230 and MXN 275). Consult their ground services in the web site : www.volaris.mx.
Domestic flights:
From Mexico to Chihuahua/Cancun/Puerto Vallarta/Tijuana.
From Toluca to Guadalajara/Cancun.
From Tijuana to Acapulco/Oaxaca/Puerto Vallarta/Zacatecas/Leon/Morelia
/Los Mochis/Guadalajara/Mexico.
From Guadalajara to Chihuahua/Puebla.
From Aguascalientes, Puebla, Quéretaro and Léon : direct flights to Cancun.
International flights to the USA :
From San Francisco/Oakland to Guadalajara and Mexico.
From Los Angeles to Aguascalientes/Zacatecas/Morelia/Guadalajara/Uruapan.
From Las Vegas to Guadalajara.
From San José (California) to Guadalajara.
From Chicago to Zacatecas/Morelia/Leon/Mexico.
From Denver to Mexico.
From Orlando to Mexico.
From Sacramento and Fresno vers Guadalajara (new flights).
In process for the beginning of 2013 : Mexico/Tuxtla and Mexico/Mérida.


The last one to obtain the operating license in December 2006 : Aeroenlaces, S.A. de C.V / VivaAerobús -
Property of Investors specialized in Mexican transport (IAMSA) and the airline Irish « low cost » company Ryanair. Company located in Monterrey. Domestic flights from Mexico City as well as international flights to the USA. Consult their site : www.vivaaerobus.com, call center in Monterrey : (81) 82-150-150, in Mexico City (55) 47 775 050, in Guadalajara (33) 47 770 770 and from USA 1 888 9 FLY VIV (359 848). Flights operated with B737-300, same planes as Ryanair, mother-house.
Domestic and International flights:
From Monterrey to Chihuahua/Acapulco/Leon/Puerto Vallarta/Cuernavaca/Oaxaca.
From Guadalajara to Cancun/Mérida/Tuxtla/Mexico.
From Mexico to Campeche/Guadalajara/Mérida/Puerto Escondido/
Cancun/Huatulco/Puerto Vallarta/Oaxaca/Tuxtla.
From Cuernavaca to Cancun (new flight).
From Tuxtla to Cancun.
From Monterrey to San Antonio/Houston/Las Vegas (USA).

The taxi ride from the airport to downtown (or reverse route) costs $150. The bus trip costs $10 (but there is no early bus).


By bus :

Sign of the bus company Noroeste Bus station : Central Camionera is located outside the city on a platform called Circunviculación, close to Pacheco, 15 minutes from downtown either by taxi ($80) or bus ($10) at the crossing of Niños Héroes and calle 3A, (614) 420 2286.

Left picture : Sign of the bus company Noroeste

There is a huge choice of destinations : The U.S.A with Greyhound buses as well as domestic destinations. The bus Companies are Estrella Blanca, (614) 429 0218, Nortoeste, (614) 411 5783, Rapidos Cuauhtémoc, Futura, (614) 429 0240 and Omnibus de Mexico, (614) 420 0132. They service Creel (4h30), Zacatecas (12h), San Luis Potosi (16h), Guadalajara (18h) and Mexico (19h). However, it is better to fly. We experimented the nice “low cost" company Volaris to Toluca (80€ one way). The bus ride to Creel costs $240/260 (2012 fares) with Estrella Blanca, Nortoeste or Rapidos Cuauhtémoc. The comfort is similar. Prefer a 1st class bus for long trips. This new terminal is well-equipped in restaurants, lockers, telephone and other services. Mexico Norte to Chihuahua $1356 (2012 rate) in First Class (Estrella Blanca).

By train :

Crossing the canyons riding "El Chepe"The train station is located at the crossing of Mendez and calle 24. To go to this station, take a bus on Ocampo Avenue or a taxi ($40 from downtown). We recommend the taxi for early departures. The sale office is open from Monday to Friday (9 AM-5:30 PM), on Saturday (10 AM-12 Noon) and Sunday (9 AM-10 AM). Credit cards (Visa) are accepted.
Reservations by phone , (614) 439 72 12 / 1 888 484 16 23 / 01 800 12 24 373, chepe@ferromex.com.mx or www.chepe.com.mx. It is possible to buy your tickets in the travel agencies located downtown : Rojo y Casavantes, blvd Ortiz Mena 413, 414 50 50 or Excel Tours, av. of las Américas 15 local 8, 426 90 02.

   Right picture : Crossing the canyons riding "El Chepe"

Daily in First class - 3 times a week in economy class.

Los Mochis-Chihuahua : Tuesdays/Fridays/Sundays - 6:00AM-9:35PM (second class).
Chihuahua-Los Mochis : Mondays/Thursdays/Saturdays - 6:00AM-9:30PM (second class).

Departure from Los Mochis at 6AM (first class-daily) and 6AM (second class/three times a week). Same schedules and rates from Chihuahua or from Los Mochis.
First class fares : Los Mochis-Creel (6AM-3:45PM) : $1251; Los Mochis-Chihuahua (6AM-8:55PM) : $2288 or Chihuahua-Creel (6AM-11:20AM) : $1041.
Second class fares : Los Mochis-Creel (6AM-3:45PM) : $788; Los Mochis-Chihuahua (6AM-09:35PM) : $ 1442 or Chihuahua-Creel (6AM-11:50AM) : $656.
Fares updated January 2014.

First class : train with air conditioning, restaurant, bar, customized service- daily train, departures at 6 AM.
Second class it leaves one hour after the first class train but not every day since January 2009. The fare is half price compared to first class. It is also more typical (there are more locals).....There is basic food on board. Your choice depends on your tastes and money. Both trains are clean. The second class train is an old first class train with an interesting atmosphere.

Rental cars

There are many rental car companies at the airport and downtown : Europcar, Budget, Hertz, Avis, Alamo and Payless car rental.
Alamo - av.Teofilo Borunda 2500, 410 97 07
Hertz - Revolucion 514, 415 78 18
Budget - Blvd Ortiz Mena 3322, 414 21 71
Avis - Antonio de Montes # 2112, 420 19 19

Tourist offices

State Tourist Office : It is located on the left, at the entrance of the Palace of the Government, across from Hidalgo plaza. It is open from Monday to Friday (9 AM-5 PM), on Saturdays and Sundays (10 AM-4 PM), www.chihuahua.gob.mx, www.coppercanyon-mexico.com, www.ah-chihuahua.com

Post-office : Calle 17 / Libertad, open from 8 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday.

Banks, ATM and foreign exchange offices : There are many of them downtown, close to the Zócalo, including Scotiabank (no commission) and Bancomer. ATM Visa :

Laundry : La Vasee - 20 de noviembre/Calle 13.

Internet : At the crossing of Ojinaga and Guerrero : Open Monday-Friday 8 AM-8 PM, Saturday 9 AM-8 PM and Sunday 10:30 AM-5:30 PM; At # 508 Ojinaga, between Guerrero and Independencia, open Monday-Friday 8 AM- 7 PM ($10/hour).

tranvía of El Tarahumara
Left picture : tranvía of El Tarahumara

Trolley Turístico El Tarahumara : You can do the tourist tour riding a “tranvia" from Tuesday to Sunday (9 AM-12 noon and 3 PM-6 PM; $30 per person).
Duration : one hour. Departure on plaza Hidalgo (on the left when facing the "Palacio de Gobierno").


There are many zapaterias (shoe stores) everywhere in the city : they have a lot of cowboy boots. It is difficult to bargain.


Map of the capital :


Area Code : 635 + 7 digits for Creel


mini-bus pour Cusararé and ChoguitaTransportation by train or bus via the eastern side since there is no road from San Rafael (south of Divisadero) and Guachochi.

On the main plaza, go to the "Paseo Tarahumaras Tours" kiosk that offers many tours (open 24/7 from 7AM to 7 PM), (635) 592 43 34 or 294 95 16 (cell phone/only in Spanish).

The 3 Amigos : on the main avenue, López Mateos 46 : There is a lot of documentation to read. They organize many tours. They rent four-wheel-drives, VTT, scooters, (635) 456 01 79 or 456 0036, www.amigos3.com,info@the3amigoscanyonexpeditions.com.

We enjoyed better the previous tours, more authentic compared to these Americanized ones.

      Right picture : mini-bus pour Cusararé and Choguita

The "Casa Margarita's" Margarita Hotel ("Casa Margarita's"), located on the plaza, organizes many tours too. It is possible to rent VTT and horses, avenue López Mateos # 11, (635) 456 0045, casamargarita@hotmail.com.

Left picture : The "Casa Margarita's"

"Paseos a Caballo", rent horses - avenue López Mateos # 68, (635) 456 05 57 / 05 58, elaventurero@hotmail.com, www.ridemexico.com (bilingual guides).

The bus companies are all along the railroad : there are, among others, Estrella Blanca, Noroeste and Rapidos Cuauhtémoc. They service Guachochi, San Juanito, Basaseachi, Posada Barranca, El Divisadero, Batopilas, Chihuahua, Cuauhtémoc...etc...

The post-office is located on the main plaza; it is open from Monday to Friday : 8 AM-4:30 PM and on Saturday: 9 AM-1 PM.

Casa de las Artesanias (House of Craft) is located in the museum open 24/7 from 9 AM to 6 PM, except on Sundays, from 9 AM to 3 PM.

There is a well stocked supermarket on López Mateos Avenue. It is open 24/7 from 8:30 AM to 8 PM.

Internet Access : La Escuelita, near the supermarket and the Best Western Hotel on López Mateos Avenue, is open 24/7 from 9 AM to 11 PM ($15/hour).

Arriving into Creel A lot of good restaurants and lodging are available on this avenue.

Bank : Santander Serfin is located on López Mateos Avenue too.

"Lavanderia Optima" : this laundry is located near the House of Craft, across from the plaza, 456 06 35.

    Right picture : Arriving into Creel

Map of the state :


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