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The state of Campeche is located in the southeastern part of Mexico, inside the Yucatán Peninsula.

turtle on Campeche beachThe actual territory of Campeche was part of the large region that the Mayan civilization developed. The heritage is visible in the many archaeological zones as well as through the 17 ethnic groups descending from the Mayas living in their own communities, especially in the south of the state.
After the Conquest of Mexico by the Spanish, at the sixteenth century, the Indigenous and Europeans mix to give the meztizo race. This is predominant now in the country, including Campeche. Its cultural richness is based on this fusion : the traditions, folklore, music, customs and gastronomy are unique in the world.

Left picture : turtle on Campeche beach

A little more than 2,000 years ago, the actual territory of Campeche was occupied by diverse Mayan groups which settled and built big cities, developed their important civilization and left an imprint.
They were on the territory of Campeche from the Formative Period (600 B.C.) to the late Post-Classical (1420 A.D.).
During this time, the Mayas reached a noticeable degree of evolution. They had a solid social organization, a strong economy based on farming and trade, and a huge development in the arts and sciences. They were excellent astronomers and mathematicians as well as remarkable architects and urban planners.
We can find some evidences in some of the Mayan cities of the state of Campeche, such as Calakmul, El Tigre and the "Cerro de los Muertos", at the south of the State, Jaina and the "Isla de Piedras" along the coast and Xcalumkin and Xtampak, at the north.

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