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Campechano is a word designing the inhabitants of Campeche. It is also an adjective reporting the characteristics of the people from Campeche : straightforward people, with no stress, taking things as they come, without worrying.
So you can understand Campeche. In the cities, even in the capital, life goes with the rhythm of the Mexican province. The salesmen peddle their goods walking in the streets : antojitos, bread, tortillas, ice cream, fruit drinks. They get around singing at the top of their voices and offering any kind of goods that people need.
The traditions persist in domestic life. Every day of the week, every family has the same dish : Monday is puchero day, Thursday is bistecs de cazuela day and Friday is fresh fish day. The chocolomo, a stew made from meat and kidneys, is on every table Saturday night.

Cultural events in the city of Campeche :

Carnival of Campeche Show : The historic center is lively, with musical shows and folklore in the Principal Park, from Wednesday to Sunday from 8 PM.

Show : Festival Campechanisimo
Musical shows and folklore on Republic Place. From Wednesday to Sunday from 7PM.

     Right picture : Carnival of Campeche

Show : Serenades Campechanas
Presentations of local groups and trios at the Cultural Centre Casa 6. Every Thursday from 8:30 PM.

Show : Light and Sound "El Lugar del Sol"
It tells the history of Campeche with projection of lights and colors on the wall of Land Gate. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 PM.

Show : Musical Fountains : Interactive Musical Fountains on World Patrimony Plaza, daily from 6 PM.

7-10 February 2013 - : Carnival of Campeche : (tba for 2014)

All December long : historic festival of Campeche :


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