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State of Mexico: useful info
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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Are you looking for transportation, tourism offices, laundries, banks and ATM ? These are important when travelling !

Because of the continual development of Internet and the cybercafés, we won’t make a list of the cybercafés through Mexico. There are numerous everywhere. The cybercafés are cheaper than internet in hotels.

code : 722 + 7 digits


Means of transportation

Volaris bus between Toluca airport and Santa-Fe, west part of Mexico city By air

Interjet, low cost (55) 11 02 55 55 in Mexico City - 01 800 01 12345 – open every day, 7h-23h. Consult their web site for offices sales : www.interjet.com.mx - company located in Toluca with new generation planes (Airbus A320). Started by domestic flights, now its currently operates to and from the U.S.A.


From Mexico city to Chihuahua/Guadalajara/Puerto Vallarta/Ixtapa/Acapulco/ Huatulco/Tuxtla/
/Mérida/Cancun and also to Havana/Miami/New-York JFK and Orange County near Los Angeles.

From Toluca to Las Vegas/Puerto Vallarta/Ixtapa/Acapulco/Cancun.

 Right picture : Volaris bus between Toluca airport and Santa-Fe, west part of Mexico city

Volaris, low cost (55) 11 02 80 00 in Mexico City 01 800 122 8000 - www.volaris.mx - domestic and international flights in Airbus A319, company located in Toluca with new generation planes (Airbus A319). Volaris is proposing shuttles as Cancun to Playa del Carmen and hotel accommodations in the hotel zone next to Cancun (between MXN 70 and 170), Puebla downtown to airport (MXN50), Tijuana to San Diego, (MXN 230 and MXN 275)... Consult their ground services in the web site : www.volaris.mx.

Domestic flights:
From Mexico to Chihuahua/Cancun/Puerto Vallarta/Tijuana.
From Toluca to Guadalajara/Cancun.
From Tijuana to Acapulco/Oaxaca/Puerto Vallarta/Zacatecas/Leon/Morelia
/Los Mochis/Guadalajara/Mexico.
From Guadalajara to Chihuahua/Puebla.
From Aguascalientes, Puebla, Quéretaro and Léon : direct flights to Cancun.
International flights to the USA :
From San Francisco/Oakland to Guadalajara and Mexico.
From Los Angeles to Aguascalientes/Zacatecas/Morelia/Guadalajara/Uruapan.
From Las Vegas to Guadalajara.
From San José (California) to Guadalajara.
From Chicago to Zacatecas/Morelia/Leon/Mexico.
From Denver to Mexico.
From Orlando to Mexico.
From Sacramento and Fresno vers Guadalajara (new flights).
In process for the beginning of 2013 : Mexico/Tuxtla and Mexico/Mérida.

Bus station : 24/7 and every 5 minutes from 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM : departure to Mexico City (Terminal Poniente) with Flecha Roja or Tmt-Caminante. Allow a one hour ride. Fee : from $57 to $70 (2012). With Tmt-Caminante, direct bus to the airport of Mexico City ($145) - Site : www.tmt-caminante.com.mx.

botanical garden of Toluca
Rentals cars
Alamo, Airport of Toluca, 01 800 849 8001 or (55) 11 01 11 00 - reserva@alamo-mexico.com.mx.
Hertz, Airport of Toluca, 01 800 79 5000- reservas@hertzavasa.com
Advantage Rent-a-car : www.aracmexico.com, ave Venustiano Carranza #502-A-Ote, Col. Universidad, C.P.50130, Toluca- (722) 219 6144 or (722)773 1995 or 01-800 624 6161 - reservaciones@aracmexico.com.

Left picture : botanical garden of Toluca

Budget Car Rental Paseo Tolloacan, #752 Oriente, Col Izcalli, C.P. 50010, Toluca, Mon-Fri 8 AM-7 PM and Sat-Sun 9 AM-2 PM, (722) 217 1122 or 01 800 700 1700 - reservaciones@budget.com.mx ; www.budget.com.mx.
Europcar, Airport of Toluca, (722) 273 5189 or 01 800 201 3333, www.europcar.com.mx.
Thrifty Car rental, Paseo Tollocan, Ote, km 57.1 (Airport), (722) 199 1144 or 01 800 021 2277 - rmedina@rentauto.com.mx.

Tourism offices :

In the municipal palace, by the cathedral. The staff is very friendly and gives maps and information in spanish only.

landing to Toluca On Hidalgo, "Portales" : under the “portales”, take the pedestrian alley from the big shell "La Concha" and go to the plaza; turn right, follow the building to a door topped with the plate “Edificio C”. Go up the stairs : the state tourism office is on the second floor, on the left. It is well staffed. They speak a little bit of English and give brochures and information 276 19 00 ext 591 – 214 53 46 - www.toluca.gob.mx or write to magdalena.macedo@toluca.gob.mx.

      Right picture : landing to Toluca

You can consult the site of the state of Mexico, www.edomexico.gob.mx or write to turismo@mail.edomexico.gob.mx or call them to (722) 275 68 91 or 92.

Laundry : lavanderia Catynka Ramirez Pichardo, Pedro Ascento 201, Col merced Alameda, by Hidalgo and the portales.

There are many banks and ATM, especially Visa :

Map of the city of Toluca :

Map of the spa resort of Ixtapan :

Information on the website : www.mitoluca.com.mx.

Ceramic suns at the entrance of Metepec

It is located at 8 km (5 miles) from Toluca. You can go there by taxi.

           Right picture : Ceramic suns at the entrance of Metepec

           There is no tourism office : ask for a map of Metepec in Toluca.

Valle del Bravo
It is located 130 km (81 miles) from Toluca. This is a colonial village with cobblestone streets, very clean, residential, on the shores of a lake. It is very pleasant.

Bus terminal, 262 02 13 or 13 12 : Valle del Bravo-Toluca: Every hour from 6 AM to 6:30 PM in both directions with Zinacantepec Bus.
Valle del Bravo-Mexico, every 20 min with 3 different companies and itineraries; one every hour from 6 AM to 11 PM, the other one every hour from 5:30 AM to 5:40 PM and the last one every hour from 6:20 AM to 6:30 PM (fee : $120).

Tourism office
Modulo de servicios turisticos, malecon del pueblo, in front of Plaza Valle (by the pier, “Muelle”), 262 09 86. Brochures and hotel information only. It is a good plan if you don’t have a hotel reservation before going up to the center of the village.
There is every information for boat rentals (for water skiing or boating ($450/500-an hour with guide) or fishing). There are also some days big boats (25 people) and Yachts (130 people).

Lavanet, calle Monte alegre Y Nicola Bravo (9 AM-3 PM and 4 PM-8 PM), Mon-Sat, 262 74 69.

Book store
Libreria Coliseo 101, (Zócalo); it is well stocked.

There are art galleries and boutiques to buy souvenirs and/or clothes and furniture. It is not really cheap but the products are unusual and of good quality.

Map of the village :



The village is located 1.5 km (1 mile) from the archaeological site.

Take the bus from Toluca to Chalma and then, a taxi to Malinalco.

Tourism office, (714) 147 01 11 is located in the Municipal Palace on the main plaza. There are brochures with information about the archaeological zone the convent and the hotels (open 9 AM-3 PM on week days and 9 AM-1 PM on Saturdays).

ATM and Internet around the main plaza on Hidalgo and Progreso.

Lavanderia Malinalco, Morelos 120 (714) 14 7 09 01 : Go down Progreso. Turn left at the plaza on Hidalgo then right on Morelos. You drop off your clothes in the morning and pick them up in the evening ($14 per kilo).

In the city, we didn’t see any other tourist. You can see everything in half a day. Except for the taxis-colectivos, the more used mean of transportation is the horse or donkey.

Santiago Tianguistengo:

The reputation of this beautiful market tempted us. We rode an « especial » (taxi) from Malinalco to Jajalpa (it is as far as they can drive because it is the limit of their sector) then a « colectivo » to Santiago Tianguistengo.
The market is HUGE ! The driver told us that we could get lost and we did ! We had to ask our way several times because we quickly lost our sense of direction. There many food and clothes stalls. There are good smells in this market, a friendly atmosphere and a hundred tables in the middle of the stalls for lunch.

the market
Pictures of the market
the market

West of Toluca on the road to Morelia, there is a side road going to San José Purua. It is one of the most popular pampering spa resorts in Mexico. The thermal building is perched above gorges, in a tropical luxuriant setting made of blooming trees, bubbling waters, cascades and still ponds.

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