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The north of the capital
 Page updated on 03.10.2015
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It looks like nobody comes here. Without an active secretary of tourism, nobody will come to visit Pachuca, unless there is someone looking for a tourist-free area. Pachuca is 90 minutes driving from Mexico City. It is the capital of the State and the main producer of silver in Mexico. But there is not one good silver shop.

You can’t go there without stopping in TULA. This site was the center of the Toltec Empire. Its pyramid, called the pyramid of the morning star, is famous because of its four Atlantes, giant statues of warriors.

The state of Tlaxcala has nothing special : it was never conquered by the Aztecs. During the Conquest, Hernán Cortés found, there, allies against Moctezuma.

Hidalgo, the state and its capital Pachuca

Tlaxcala, the state and its capital

Teotihuacan & Acolman

Tula, archaeological site and Tepotzotlán

Practical information


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