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 Page updated on 02.17.2018
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From Guadalajara to the Popocatépetl, SunofMexico.com invites you to discover Mexico through its culture, history, traditions and tequila. Hundred of pictures, dozens of videos and tons of information in order to prepare a trip or to become unbeatable about the country of the cactus. Click here to see the summary.

For on line reservations ("packages", flights), log onto "go to Mexico" or "Domestic transportation to Mexico", and for lodging in the country, log onto "Lodging in Mexico".

The currency used in the website is the Mexican $ pesos. See the conversion in different currencies on page "cash, banks".

Cultural Institute of Mexico in Washington (D.C) : current art exhibits.

Third week of March - every year (20th-24th March 2014). FESTIVAL of IDENTITY, by the archaeological site of El Tajín. Large groups of musicians and acrobats, craft creative workshops, traditional medicine classes and dancers participate in this festival. A very nice “Light and Sound” was also proposed on the archaeological site. Log on to the website : www.cumbretajin.com for more information. It was the 14th anniversary in 2013.

and New : Xtaxkgakget Makgkaxtlawana: the Centre for Indigenous Arts and its contribution to safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of the Totonac people of Veracruz, Mexico. Selected in 2012 on the Programmes, projects and activities for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage considered to best reflect the principles and objectives of the Convention. Log onto : Unesco website.

See the new pages about Spring Equinox of Chichén Itzà, Izamal & Valladolid Yucatàn.

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